RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ) – After 10 years in the Virginia House of Delegates, Chris Head says he hopes to represent the region in the Virginia Senate.

The Botetourt County Republican made the announcement Friday morning on Facebook Live, with his wife Betsy and Congressmen Ben Cline and Morgan Griffith alongside.

“Redistricting has changed the landscape and the district,” Head said during his announcement. “And it’s also presented me with some new opportunities to serve.”

Redistricting placed Head and Delegate Terry Austin in the same House District.

Head said he considered all his options, including not running at all, but decided campaigning for a seat in the Senate was the logical next step.

The new Senate District 3 includes a large portion of his current House District and stretches all the way to Waynesboro.

It does not have an incumbent.

“So it’s a large district, but it’s really a wonderful, beautiful place, and has so many great people in it, and so many great communities in it that need to be looked after in Richmond,” Head told WDBJ7. “And I would be very honored to represent them in the Senate.”

Other lawmakers are facing similar decisions in the wake of redistricting.

In the Roanoke – Lynchburg area alone, 10 Delegates and 7 Senators now live in the same district with one or more incumbents.

General Assembly elections are scheduled in November 2023.