Chris Head is a proven conservative leader in the Virginia General Assembly.

As Vice Chair of the House Committee on Health, Welfare, and Institutions, Chris is a leader in shaping healthcare policy for all Virginians. He plays an integral role in ensuring that Virginians have access to the best quality care and that healthcare practitioners are supported. As the owner of a small business that provides in-home care services to senior adults, Chris is a passionate advocate for the safety and well-being of Virginia’s aging population. He consistently works to advance legislation that guards against senior abuse and neglect and that ensures senior adults in Virginia are receiving top quality care.

As a House Privileges and Elections subcommittee chair, Chris is a leader in election integrity and protecting Virginians’ right to vote. He has worked to advance legislation that enforces voter identification, removes ballot drop boxes, strengthens absentee voting, and ensures regular maintenance of voter registration lists.

As a House Commerce and Energy subcommittee chair, Chris is a leader in advancing policies that create opportunities for jobs, business development, and economic success. He is a strong supporter of removing harmful regulatory barriers and fighting against policies that stifle economic growth.

As your State Senator, Chris will continue to be a proven conservative leader in Richmond.